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What We Do

  • An outreach program to reach out to Tigray youth who are in need of extra help to enroll in a career-advancing scholarship program.

  • It is a unique program that connects one youth in need of guidance and professional support with one capable and motivated person like you to share with them your knowledge and experience and access the world they otherwise can’t!

  • Through the mentorship program, mentors like you can provide the essential skill of preparing for the real world and access various scholarship programs throughout the world.

  •   Beneficiary :  those that have the minimum qualification to join a scholarship program but are struggling to access information, prepare their credentials, fill out the application form online, prepare for an interview, and so forth.

Why Volunteer

    •   Contribute to the personal growth of the youth : Just by creating the opportunity to openly discuss with relatively successful individuals, this program will contribute to the personal growth of the individuals involved in the mentorship program.

      •   Create access to career-advancing education programs : If successful, it will also help in advancing the knowledge and skill level of individuals by creating access to quality career-advancing education programs.
      • Contribute to the availability of highly educated professionals in Tigray: Together, we can educate 10,000 individuals in the coming three years; hence improving the much-needed knowledge and skill capital of Tigray.

“A mentor is a more experienced individual  willing to share knowledge with someone
less experienced in a relationship of mutual trust"

One Time- One Program

Mentorship Program (OTOPMP):

occurs for a certain period of time. The objective is to assist the youth with specific applications. It can include working through the preparation of documents for the selected application, assisting in the application, and preparing for an interview if any

One Time- Many Programs Mentorship Program (OTMPMP):

occurs for a certain period of time. This is to assist the youth for a specific period to search for multiple programs to apply for and assist him/her in the preparation, application, and evaluation process.

    Quartey Mentorship Program (QMP):

   this occurs for three months. The objective is to provide mentees continuous support such as giving them guidance, teaching them some skills, assisting the youth for three months to search for some scholarship/education to apply for, and supporting him/her in the preparation, application, and evaluation process. It can also include sponsoring or supporting the youth to get short-term skills through online virtual training. 

Extended Mentorship Program (EMP):

T his occurs for an extended period of time depending on the mentor’s willingness to extend their support to cover other parts of life both before joining the school and in school life. It includes whole round support for the youth to access various life skills, help them in finding and applying for scholarships and support them through their school life.

How the mentorship works

Participation in the one-year mentorship program requires both a successful application and a successful match. Successful matching mostly depends on the ratio of available mentors to mentees.

Areas of mentoring include, but are not limited to: skills development, career advice, developing research interests, advice on designing a successful research project, publishing research, and establishing work-life balance.

The successfully matched mentor-mentee pairs agreement officially marks the beginning of the one-year program duration.

Steps to Become Mentor

Register by Filling out the online form


Once accepted, select the type of mentorship program

Connected to the mentees

Progress update and follow-up

Steps to Become Mentee

Register by filling the form



Connected to a mentor

Progress update and follow-up