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Road To Recovery

Road To Recovery

  •   Tigray can use the experiences of successful economies in recovering from war and develop contextualized innovative policies and strategies to sustainably develop the economy and the region.    
  • The war not only destroyed the existing already poor infrastructure but also caused the loss of social, political, and economic institutions.
  • However, despite the extent and severity of the destruction, with the right policies, and political and institutional setup, recovery is a possibility as observed from the history of various other places around the world.

How It Works

  • Knowledge and information can help make an informed decision regarding what kind of policies and strategies to follow.

  • Preparing a discussion paper can speed up the development of policies and strategies that can be used in the process of re-building of the region;  


  •   Historical case studies of selected countries that showed greater economic comeback after a devastated war
  • A recovery and development framework based on the best practices captured in the historical case studies.

How You Can Contribute

Resource Mobilization   

Direct Project Engagement





Knowledge Sharing