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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Only authorized administrators within the HAQI foundation can access your profile. We prioritize user privacy and take measures to protect personal information.

To become a member of the HAQI foundation and contribute to the recovery process in Tigray, look for the membership registration page. Fill out the required information and follow the provided instructions to complete the registration process and we will contact you.

What are the benefits of being a member of the HAQI foundation?

As a member, you will have the opportunity to actively participate in the foundation's projects and contribute to the recovery efforts in Tigray. You can connect with other like-minded individuals, access exclusive resources, and stay updated on the progress of the foundation's initiatives. Additionally, members may receive special benefits or perks, depending on their level of involvement and contribution.

Are there any financial obligations or monthly payments required to be a member?

While there are no mandatory financial obligations or monthly payments to become a member of the HAQI foundation, we highly appreciate and encourage financial contributions to support our projects and initiatives. Members have the option to make voluntary donations or monthly payments to help the foundation's work in Tigray. The amount and frequency of contributions are entirely up to the member's discretion and capacity.

  • As a mentor, you are expected to provide guidance, support, and share your expertise with your mentee. Regular communication, active listening, and providing constructive feedback are important.
  • As a mentee, you are expected to actively engage with your mentor, be open to guidance, and take initiative in your personal growth. Regularly communicate your progress and any challenges you may be facing.

There is no monetary cost associated with being a mentor in the HAQI foundation's mentorship program. It is a volunteer-based initiative aimed at fostering knowledge sharing and support.

Mentors and mentees are selected based on their areas of expertise, interests, and compatibility. The HAQI foundation's team carefully reviews mentor and mentee applications to ensure appropriate matches are made. Factors such as availability, qualifications, and mentor/mentee preferences are taken into consideration.

The frequency of communication between mentors and mentees is flexible and depends on mutual agreement. It is recommended to establish a communication schedule that suits both parties, whether it's weekly, biweekly, or monthly.

Yes, it is possible to be both a mentor and a mentee within the HAQI foundation's mentorship program. However, it is important to manage your time and commitments effectively to ensure you can fulfill both roles responsibly.

    The duration of the mentorship program varies and is determined by the needs and goals of the mentee. Some mentorship relationships may last a few months, while others can continue for a year or more. It depends on the progress and objectives of the mentee.

What should I do if I'm having issues with my mentor/mentee?

If you encounter any issues or challenges within the mentorship program, it is recommended to address them directly with your mentor/mentee first. Clear and open communication is crucial. If the problem persists, you can reach out to the HAQI foundation's program administrators for assistance and guidance.

Yes, if the mentorship match is not working well or there are compatibility issues, both mentors and mentees have the option to request a re-matching. This can be done by filling out a complaining form available within the mentorship program.

How can I report any concerns or issues within the mentorship program?

If you have any concerns, issues, or need to report anything related to the mentorship program, you can reach out to the HAQI foundation through the email address info@haqi.org . The foundation's team will review and address your message promptly.

Regularly checking your email is crucial as mentors primarily communicate with mentees through email. Important updates, guidance, and resources may be shared via email, so staying attentive to your inbox ensures you don't miss out on valuable information and opportunities for growth.

Participating in the HAQI foundation's Slack channels offers mentees the opportunity to connect with a larger community of individuals passionate about making a positive impact. Engaging in Slack discussions allows mentees to broaden their network, learn from others, and gain exposure to diverse perspectives and experiences. It's a valuable platform for collaborative learning and sharing ideas.