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Mental Health Training for Bureau of Lands and Minerals Staff in Tigray Post-Crisis

With the aim to healing the mental health of many Tigrayans affected via the catastrophic war and siege, HAQI Foundation is providing continuous training sessions to different governmental and non-governmental sectors in Tigray.

Civil servants typically exhibit high levels of mental health needs linked to their experiences. Therefore, the foundation has conducted a two days Mental Health Training program to address the mental health needs of “the Bureau of Lands and Minerals staff in Tigray” in Wukro.  The training was held from Jun 30,2023 to Jul 1, 2013 for 125 participants.

The training had the following objectives:

  • Providing trainees with a basic understanding of mental health and trauma.
        • Familiarizing trainees with the symptoms and causes of trauma and their impact on mental well-being.
        • Equipping trainees with practical management techniques, including deep breathing, progressive muscle relaxation, and grounding exercises.
        • Teaching self-care techniques to promote trainees' mental well-being.
        • Discussing and promote the implementation of trauma-informed care within their organization.
To attain the above objectives t he training covered the following topics: basic overview of mental health, trauma and its symptoms, causes, and management techniques.

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