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HAQI Line: Call Handlers Equipped with Essential Skills through Basic GBV and Service Referral Package Training

In response to the escalating gender-based violence (GBV) situation in Tigray, HAQI Line has taken proactive steps to enhance its response capability by conducting the Basic GBV and Service Referral Package training for its call handlers. The training, held over six consecutive days at the HAQI Foundation office, aimed to equip participants with crucial skills and knowledge essential for effectively handling GBV situations.

Led by Mr. Mebrahtu H, a seasoned GBV regional coordinator and Lecturer at Mekelle University, the training incorporated interactive sessions, case studies, and practical exercises. Participants gained a deeper understanding of various GBV forms, learned to identify signs and indicators, and honed their communication skills, including active listening and empathetic communication with survivors.

One of the key highlights of the training was the emphasis on service referral procedures. Call handlers were trained on referral pathways for mental health services and GBV support organizations, focusing on confidentiality and privacy to ensure effective support for individuals seeking assistance.

Reflecting on the training, participants expressed appreciation for its interactive nature and practical approach, which boosted their confidence in handling challenging conversations and providing support to survivors. Mr. Mebre H commended the enthusiasm and commitment of the call handlers, noting their eagerness to learn and make a positive impact in their roles. 

The expected outcomes of the training include increased GBV awareness among call handlers, enhanced communication skills, efficient service referrals, and greater confidence in addressing GBV cases. These outcomes are poised to contribute significantly to HAQI Line's mission of promoting safety, dignity, and well-being in Tigray and beyond.

The successful completion of the Basic GBV and Service Referral Package training marks a significant step forward in HAQI Line's efforts to effectively respond to GBV issues and provide crucial support to survivors in need.

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