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HAQI Foundation's Volunteer Promotion Activity Raises Awareness for HAQILINE Helpline

HAQI Foundation, a leading mental health organization, successfully conducted a targeted promotion activity to raise awareness and understanding of the HAQILINE helpline. The event, which took place on November 13th, focused on engaging residents of Mekelle and internally displaced persons (IDPs) in Tigray.

The promotion activity was held at four key locations: 70 Karie, Adi-Shumduhun Street, Adi-Hawusie Street, Romanat, and CBE Main Office Street. A team of 16 dedicated volunteers from the HAQI Foundation actively participated in the event, distributing 2000 flyers and 500 brochures, all meticulously tailored in the local language, Tigrigna.

The event commenced with a comprehensive orientation led by Yonas Kiflom, the Project Coordinator of the HAQI Foundation. The orientation aimed to set the stage for an impactful engagement with the community.

Volunteers engaged with residents and IDPs, providing them with valuable information about the HAQILINE helpline and the range of services it offers. The helpline serves as a vital resource for individuals seeking mental health support and assistance.

During the promotion activity, participants shared their feedback and suggestions, highlighting areas of improvement and expressing their appreciation for the HAQILINE helpline. Some key points raised by the community include:The

  1. Telephone Service Enhancement: Participants highlighted instances where the telephone service faced challenges. Their feedback will be crucial in improving the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the helpline.
  2. Face-to-Face Services: There was a compelling suggestion to complement the toll-free helpline with face-to-face services. This recommendation will be taken into consideration by the HAQI Foundation to ensure a holistic approach to mental health support.
  3. Broader Outreach: Many participants expressed enthusiasm for expanding the initiative to reach a broader population, particularly in rural areas. The HAQI Foundation acknowledges the importance of inclusive mental health services and will work towards extending its reach accordingly.
  4. Free Services Appreciation: The fact that the HAQILINE helpline operates as a free service was widely applauded by the community. This acknowledgment reinforces the foundation's commitment to providing accessible mental health support to all individuals.
  5. Pride in Local Initiatives: The community expressed pride in the HAQI Foundation's local initiatives, recognizing the importance of having a mental health service tailored to the specific needs and challenges faced in Tigray. This positive feedback encourages the foundation to continue its efforts in addressing mental health issues in the region.
The HAQI Foundation is grateful for the community's active participation and valuable feedback during the volunteer promotion activity. With the support of dedicated volunteers and the community, the foundation aims to further expand its reach and make a positive impact on mental health in Tigray and beyond.

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