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HAQI Foundation Launches Trauma-Informed Care Project in Maichew

The seeds of change were sown on April 13th at Tadele Hotel in Maichew Town, Tigray. The Haqi Foundation, aware of the limited access to mental health services in the region, launched a project to introduce Trauma-Informed Care (TIC) into the local health and education systems.

At the helm of the launching program was Dr. Fasika Amdeselassie, the esteemed Executive Director of Haqi Foundation. With a warm welcome, Dr. Fasika guided the participants through an orientation, shedding light on TIC's overarching objectives. His words underscored the pressing need to bridge the gap between mental health demand and available resources, particularly in the context of limited psychiatrists in Tigray.

This project kicked off with a crucial inception meeting. Here, key players from various sectors – education, health, government bureaus – came together. The goal? To ensure everyone was on the same page and committed to working collaboratively throughout the project's lifespan.
The meeting wasn't just about introductions. It was a space for open discussion and valuable suggestions. Stakeholders expressed their support for the initiative, recognizing the importance of addressing mental health needs in the community. Some even proposed expanding the project's reach to include students and parents in future phases.

The stage was then gracefully handed over to Mr. Dawit Merhatsidk from USAID-ESP. In his comprehensive presentation, Mr. Dawit delineated the strategic objectives of USAID, painting a vivid picture of why Maichew Town became the focal point for this transformative initiative. Insights were shared on program principles, strategic alignments, and the strategic significance of the TIC project.

With this collaborative spirit ignited, the project is set to move forward. The first step: training 40 individuals as trainers in TIC principles. These newly equipped trainers will then share their knowledge with an additional 265 trainees working in schools and health facilities.

This project marks a significant step towards a brighter future for mental health services in Maichew Town. The hope is that the positive impact will ripple outwards, potentially influencing the entire Tigray region. It's a story of collaboration, innovation, and a commitment to improving the well-being of the community.

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