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Children of Tigray
(My Wish, Blog)

In envisioning a brighter future for the children of Tigray after the devastating aftermath of the Tigray War, our deepest wishes center around creating a nurturing environment that uplifts their lives and fosters their holistic development. These wishes encompass the best things in the world for children, aiming to heal their wounds, provide them with opportunities, and ensure their well-being. Let us explore these aspirations in detail:

  1. Safety and Protection: Above all, we wish for the children of Tigray to experience a safe and secure environment, free from violence and conflict. Their physical and emotional well-being should be prioritized, with comprehensive measures in place to protect them from harm.
  2. Access to Quality Education: Every child in Tigray deserves access to quality education that empowers them to learn, grow, and realize their potential. We wish for well-equipped schools, trained teachers, and educational resources that inspire and support their intellectual development.
  3. Comprehensive Healthcare: Our wish is for the children of Tigray to have access to comprehensive healthcare services that address their physical, mental, and emotional needs. Adequate medical facilities, skilled healthcare professionals, and preventive care programs are essential to ensure their well-being.
  4. Psychosocial Support: We wish to provide specialized psychosocial support for children who have experienced trauma and loss during the Tigray War. Dedicated programs that prioritize their emotional healing, rehabilitation, and resilience-building are crucial to their recovery and future well-being.
  5. Nutritious Food and Clean Water: Every child should have access to nutritious food and clean water to support their growth and development. Our wish is for sustainable agricultural practices, improved food security, and access to safe drinking water for all children in Tigray.
  6. Recreation and Creative Expression: We wish for the children of Tigray to have opportunities for recreation, play, and creative expression. Supporting their artistic talents, providing recreational spaces, and encouraging cultural activities can bring joy, inspiration, and a sense of normalcy to their lives.
  7. Inclusive Communities: Our wish is for inclusive communities that embrace the diversity of the children of Tigray. We aspire to foster acceptance, understanding, and a sense of belonging, where every child is valued and respected regardless of their background.
  8. Rebuilding Infrastructure: We wish to rebuild the infrastructure in Tigray, including schools, healthcare facilities, and public amenities, to ensure that children have the necessary resources for their well-being and development.
  9. Sustainable Peace: Above all, we dream of a lasting peace that ensures the safety, stability, and prosperity of the children of Tigray. Our wish is for the implementation of sustainable peacebuilding efforts, conflict resolution mechanisms, and social reconciliation to create a peaceful future for them.

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