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HAQI Helpline
Toll free service

The HAQI line is a hotline that has been established in Mekelle to provide remote Mental Health and Psychosocial Support (MHPSS) to the people in Tigray. This initiative aims to offer psychological first aid services via telephone, recognizing the urgent need for mental health support in the region. Tigray has recently endured a severe civil war that has had devastating effects across various sectors.

To ensure the successful operation of the hotline, mental health professionals and volunteers have been recruited to serve as counselors. The hotline will be accessible to callers free of charge, allowing individuals to seek assistance without financial barriers. The primary focus of the HAQI line will be to provide support to teachers and healthcare workers, who can call in for screening and referral services.

The project has reached an advanced stage of development and is scheduled to be launched within the next few weeks. On May 20, 2023, a project launching ceremony took place, involving key stakeholders such as the Bureau of Education, Health Bureau, Social Affairs Bureau, and the Department of Psychiatry and Psychology at Mekelle University.

The project is currently awaiting telecommunication services to initiate the establishment of the landline for the hotline. Once the infrastructure is in place, the HAQI line will begin its essential work in providing mental health support to the people of Tigray, aiming to alleviate the psychological distress caused by the civil war and contribute to the region's recovery and well-being.