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Who We Are

HAQI foundation is a non-profit organization established to support recovery and rehabilitation efforts in conflict-affected settings. Our team is made up of motivated individuals and professionals that came together to contribute our fair share to the recovery process in Tigray. There has been a dramatic change in Ethiopia since early 2020. The war has affected innocent civilians, but most importantly, the youth and professionals in every part of the region. The country's socioeconomic and political status has changed for the worse.

Despite the fact that the war has brought a great deal of devastation, it has also created a sense of responsibility and has created a strong desire by many people to contribute, which is considered an excellent asset to the recovery process.

Taking advantage of this asset, we develop and execute projects that help support the recovery process in a timely manner in collaboration with our supporters and partners.

Our Vision

To build a just and productive society that matches its history, values, and dedication. 

Our Mission

Our Mission is to stimulate social transformation and resilience through scientific deliberations, innovations, and collective action.

Our Goals

Our goal is to create a platform where capable individuals can come together to contribute to the growth of the country.

Our Team

Fasika Amdeslasie (MD, MHPE, FCS-ECSA) 

General Manager 

Henok Eyob

Web Administrator 

Board of Directors  

Afwerki Mulugeta (Prof.)

Fasika Amdeslasie (MD, MHPE, FCS-ECSA)

Araya Medhanye (Ph.D.)

Zenawi Zerihun (Ph.D.)